Fashionably Late

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Late Night Conversations

Ok. So I was minding my own business tonight, joyfully surfing the web, and THIS happened to me. Let me prep this: The guy who IMed me (STRIK3EE) is someone I had class with in highschool that I haven't seen or spoken to in 4 years. I don't even know why I still have his name on my buddy list. Why he chose to unload on me...I have no idea.

STRIK3EE [12:09 A.M.]: wow
ClAuDiA52 [12:09 A.M.]: wow what?
STRIK3EE [12:09 A.M.]: i hate girls
STRIK3EE [12:10 A.M.]: I’m sorry but you're like the only person still awake
ClAuDiA52 [12:10 A.M.]: ok…
STRIK3EE [12:10 A.M.]: i just got in a huge fight
STRIK3EE [12:10 A.M.]: over reacted a little
ClAuDiA52 [12:11 A.M.]: you have a new girlfriend?
STRIK3EE [12:11 A.M.]: kind of
STRIK3EE [12:11 A.M.]: basically
ClAuDiA52 [12:11 A.M.]: i see
ClAuDiA52 [12:11 A.M.]: what happened?
STRIK3EE [12:12 A.M.]: she bitched at me about her feeling like I don’t care about her
STRIK3EE [12:12 A.M.]: and i flipped
ClAuDiA52 [12:12 A.M.]: oh. why would she think you don't care about her?
STRIK3EE [12:12 A.M.]: long story
STRIK3EE [12:12 A.M.]: but she thinks im like every other dude
ClAuDiA52 [12:12 A.M.]: i see.
STRIK3EE [12:12 A.M.]: which im not cause shes been treated like shit in the past
STRIK3EE [12:13 A.M.]: i guess ive learned you can't change em. Once some skeez fucks up some bitch’s mind, there’s no chance she’ll ever be normal again
ClAuDiA52 [12:13 A.M.]: ok
STRIK3EE [12:13 A.M.]: i guess once they get treated like shit they never go back
STRIK3EE [12:13 A.M.]: but the funny thing is....
STRIK3EE [12:13 A.M.]: she keeps telling me that im afraid of her...which is bullshit
STRIK3EE [12:14 A.M.]: but once we fought...i was like, get the fuck out of my apartment bitch!...and she left...and shes been blowin up my phone ever since
ClAuDiA52 [12:15 A.M.]: get the fuck out of my apt?
STRIK3EE [12:15 A.M.]: thats how we are
STRIK3EE [12:15 A.M.]: total love hate thing
ClAuDiA52 [12:15 A.M.]: i see
STRIK3EE [12:16 A.M.]: i don't have time for that shit-the bitch is crazy
STRIK3EE [12:17 A.M.]: shes just mad cause i hooked up with her friend before her. I’m sorry. I can’t help it if her friends are sluts.
ClAuDiA52 [12:17 A.M.]: ok
STRIK3EE [12:17 A.M.]: im just extremley pissed off and i just broke my hand

ClAuDiA52 [12:20 A.M.]: what?! how did you break your hand?
STRIK3EE [12:20 A.M.]: i punched a hole through my door then i lit up my stop sign
ClAuDiA52 [12:20 A.M.]: ok.
STRIK3EE [12:20 A.M.]: im bleeding a little
STRIK3EE [12:20 A.M.]: actually a lot
ClAuDiA52 [12:21 A.M.]: maybe you should go to the emergency room?
STRIK3EE [12:21 A.M.]: no im good
STRIK3EE [12:22 A.M.]: and ive told her that from the beginning that im not going to put myself out there. She’s expecting more than she deserves
STRIK3EE [12:22 A.M.]: and i told her tonight that shes no different
STRIK3EE [12:22 A.M.]: than the next girl
ClAuDiA52 [12:22 A.M.]: ouch
STRIK3EE [12:23 A.M.]: im tired of this shit
ClAuDiA52 [12:23 A.M.]: so you dont think she's special?
STRIK3EE [12:23 A.M.]: i think she’s alright….but I could do better. I’m way out of that ho’s league
STRIK3EE [12:23 A.M.]: i told her that
STRIK3EE [12:23 A.M.]: then she just blew up? I mean, fuck, I’m being honest
ClAuDiA52 [12:24 A.M.]: ok…
STRIK3EE [12:24 A.M.]: i don't know

STRIK3EE [12:24 A.M.]: i told her to leave and she went home and shes been callin and text messagin me and im just like to me tomorrow you drunken whore
STRIK3EE [12:24 A.M.]: cause she is
STRIK3EE [12:25 A.M.]: and the thing is is that we have stayed together every night for the past month and everything and she came over expecting me to fuck her brains out tonight and I told her I didn’t want to fuck
STRIK3EE [12:25 A.M.]: and she opened her mouth and got me goin and i just couldn't handle it
ClAuDiA52 [12:25 A.M.]: i see
STRIK3EE [12 26 A.M.]: i should have never slept with that ho
ClAuDiA52 [12:25 A.M.]: well…I hate to cut you off, but I have to go

This is one of the most awkward situations i've ever been in, in my entire life.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Joke

Sorry it's been so long...for anyone who actually reads this pathetic blog. I'm busy in school, but it will all be over in 4 days...THANK GOD! In the meantime, here's a little joke. Enjoy.

A woman comes in to the den and gives her husband a frustratd look.

"What's wrong?" asks the husband.

"I'm so tired of having small boobs! I'm thinking about having plastic surgery to make them bigger," said the wife.

"Here's an idea," said the husband. "Go in the bathroom, get a piece of tissue, and rub it between your boobs. That should make them bigger. "

"WHAT?," said the wife. "That won't work!"

"Well," said the husband, "It sure as hell worked for your ass."

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Addicted To The Sun?

It's not like we don't have enough potential dangers to worry about in our everyday lives. Well, I guess I can add this new one to my list. Researchers have reason to believe that frequent tanning can lead to an actual tanning addiction. And it's not just for "fake n' bake" tanning, it's for people who still like to go to the beach to relax and enjoy themselves in the sunlight. The whole crisis has something to do with naltrexone levels that are produced as a result of being in the sun.

This pisses me off. Why does the medical world constantly do this? I mean....nowadays EVERYTHING you do gives you some sort of disease or addiction. And who are these "researchers" that have all these RANDOM studies anyway? I understand that some research is valid, like finding a cure for juvenille diabetes, and these studies should be rightfully respected and funded. But instead, is this what the government is using all our tax money for? To fund research concerning tanning addictions? I say, it's all about moderation. If you ever start having withdrawal symptoms from should probably ease up on the sunshine. Just use your brain and you will probably end up alright. And as for all these pointless "studies"...I say, screw it, do what you like, and die happy.

I really just found this excerpt of the article quite amusing:
"In the beginning, we gave standard 50-milligram doses of naltrexone to frequent tanners," says researcher Mandeep Kaur, MD, a dermatologist at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. "All of them developed symptoms consistent with physiological withdrawal: nausea, dizziness, and shaking. So we had to stop that study."

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What's Left of Nick?

I'm going to go ahead and answer some obvious questions before I go on with my post.

1.Yes...I am admitting (without shame) that I was, am, and always will be a Newlyweds fan.

2.Yes...when Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson "broke up," my friends and I were devastated and wondered what purpose even existed in our lives?

3.Yes...this makes me "that girl" but I don't really care. You can shove it.

OK. After observing the questions and concerns that have resulted from the Nick and Jessica Split, I can't help but side with Nick on this one. Jessica wishes to remain silent and have Papa Joe (her father) speak for her, once again, on the issues of the marriage and the breakup. But, none of the Simpson clan has come up with any good explanations.

Nick, on the other hand, has parlayed the divorce into a new album What's Left of Me and the Nick Lachey Special on MTV that includes a premiere of the music video for What's Left of Me that parallels his life with Jessica. In both, Nick speaks out honestly and sincerely about him and Jessica, the breakup, his struggles, and his hopes for the future. Some critics argue that Nick is exploiting his relationship and emotions to make money and get publicity. I say, you're damn right he is!! In my personal opinion, this move is GENIUS. Nick is not only making a positive situation out of a negative one, but it's the ultimate revenge. By speaking out, he looks like the sweet and caring guy who honestly loves his wife, and Jessica is eternally branded as the idiot bitch that drove away the best thing that ever happened to her. If things keep going the way they are now...Nick will definatley come out on top, and Jessica will eventually become the next victim of K-Fed. PO PO ZOW JESSICA!

***In addition to the sweet revenge, the songs are suprisingly good. I'm not really a fan of the boy band least not since I was 13...but these songs were really powerful and several even brought tears to my eyes. If he isn't really sincere, he damn sure fooled me. In the future, i'll definatley be using this album to channel my emotions through a breakup...or maybe if I just need a good cry.

And to answer Nick's question: Yes...I will take ALL of what's left of you. That bitch Jessica doesn't deserve you.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Celebrities Reach A New Low...

Banjo, Apple, Moxie Crimefighter, Audio Science, Pilot Inspektor, Moon Unit...

What do all these words have in common? Nope, they're not Mad Libs, these words are all actual baby names of celebrities.

I know that celebrities thrive on creating eccentricities to divert the rest of the world from discovering that they're completely void of personality...but this is just plain ridiculous. I can see the scenario now:

It's the first day of school, and the teacher begins roll call. Amy, here. Brandon, here, Susan, here. Moxie Crimefighter, here. Seriously??? Are these parents just asking that their children be ridiculed and outcaste their entire childhood...and possibly adulthood? The answer is YES.

Celebrity children already have enough life-altering problems that stem from the pressures of achieving the same feats as their parents without going to rehab...more than 3 times. Why would they want a name that makes the gap between their lives and inner acceptance that much bigger?

I guess these children never really experience the feeling of normality anyway: when they're 4 years old, mobs of creepy men with cameras chase them around the playground for an "action shot" with mommy. (Headline in US Weekly reads: CELEBRITIES! THEY'RE JUST LIKE YOU AND ME!) But, that's only if the mom actually cares about the kid to begin with. Most celebrity children are publicity stunts anyway. Maybe, in the delusional place that is Los Angeles, where reality ends and celebreality begins, these types of scenarios are sadly "everyday life" for most. I just hope that Jason Lee doesn't get offended when Pilot Inspektor doesn't want to be a Pilot Inspector.

The navy sport coat against the crisp white button-down shirt really gives him that "official pilot" look...don't you think?